Contemporary Education

Higher Secondary School Darul Uloom Islamia

Head:   Qari Muhammad Rashid Ali

            The honorable principal started a division of contemporary education in 2002 with the consultation of academic council. This division named Darul Uloom Academy. The academy time table scheduled after Zuhar Prayer. The basic idea of this academy was to provide the students the religious atmosphere to acquire the contemporary education without any cost.

For this purpose the qualified staff having the religious background was hired.

In 2004 Darul Uloom Academy got the recognition as a High School by Education Department of Government of the Punjab and affiliation with Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore and stepped forward to Higher Secondary School in 2008.

Now by the grace of Allah Darul Uloom Secondary School is providing regular classes from 5th to 12th (Science, Arts and commerce)

The well equipped science and Computer laboratories have been established for practical. It is notable that Jamia Darul Uloom Islamia has a distinguished curriculum among all the religious institutions of Pakistan. It provides three various disciplines of knowledge under a single roof.


1.                  To provide contemporary education along with religious education.

2.                  To provide an Islamic educational environment.

To equip the students with contemporary education without any interruption in Islamic Studies.