Administration System of Jamia Darul ULoom Islamia

Head: Muhammad Mian Thanvi

Some Sub Departments are working under the supervision of Muhammad Mian Thanvi to control the administrative matters.

  • Hostel
  • Mess
  • Security
  • Gardening, Construction, Electricity, Water and Gas.  


Head: Dr. Abdul Basit (MBBS)

A dispensary named Darul Uloom Dispensary established for medical treatment of teachers, students and employees of Jamia Darul Uloom Islamia. Services of specialist doctors are hired for this purpose. Various Medical specialists visit time to time. In special case students are referred to the big hospitals as per instructions of Medical specialists. All these services are provided free of cost.


Head: Moulana Manzoor Ahmad

 There is a big hostel with all essential needs for students belonging to far off places. The main hostel has the capacity of 600 students. Mustafa Town branch (Darul Falah) has the boarding facilities for 100 students. Planting at various places of hostel has been created and an experienced gardener has been appointed to look after. All these  facilities are provided to the students free of cost.


Head: Qari Muhammad Ali Farooqui

1000 students are studying in Jamia Darul Uloom Islamia and 650 of them are boarders. Jamia provides accommodation and messing facilities to these students. For this purpose professional cooks and their assistants have been appointed.


For the security purposes 6 security guards have been appointed. In prayer times students support the security staff.

Gardening, Construction, Electricity, Water and Gas: 

Planting at various places of hostel has been created and an experienced gardener has been appointed to look after. Jamia has own buildings in Main branch Kamran Block, Darul Falah Mustafa Town and Anar Kali. Repairing, whitewash goes on at some places almost every year. Similar repairable things of Jamia and its mosques are repaired. These buildings have facilities of electricity, Water and Gas.


2. Accounts:

Head: Muhammad Mian Thanvi

Income Recourses:

 Jamia gets revenue through donation and charity given by well financial persons. More of them living around the Jamia and watching continuously performance of Jamia. Receipt is issued by Jamia on receiving all kinds of items. All Received amounts are deposited into the bank and receive money from the bank at the time of need for expenditures.

Purchasing Committee:

 The members of purchasing committee purchase required items after getting approval from the Principal of Jamia. The purchased items are entered in the stock register before using.

Income & Expenditure:

The record of Jamia's income and expenditures is maintained according to modern rules and procedure. There are about twenty different categories. The record of every category is maintained.
Income and expenditure accounts of Jamia are audited by chartered accountants every year. Accountants make report of income and expenditures that is  published and they give their remarks and confirmed that calculations are right. Committee members internally audit on monthly basis.
Accounts are prepared according to receipts of income and expenditures.
To prepare proper accounts serving 4 persons.

EP Fund:

Jamia has established  EP fund its for employees. The employee contribute a certain percentage of their salary (e.g. 8%). An equal amount is contributed by Jamia in the account of the employee. This amount is given to those persons who retired after 10 years service.
Ashraf ul Imdad welfare Fund:
This fund is established to help the employees of Jamia at the time of absolute need. Jamia provides the employees financial help in case of severe need.
A son of a teacher was suffering from heart disease. He was treated with this fund.
A member spent a huge amount on his wifes heart problem treatment.
A son of a teacher who was facing blood cancer was treated with this fund.
These events forced to establish a fund for employees for such conditions. So, Jamia has started a fund for this purpose named Ashraf ul Imdad welfare fund. The employees of Jamia get reasonable relief from this fund in emergency.